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Know, Why Mental Health Counsellors & Counseling Important

India, a country with the population of 135.26 crores (2018) has only 1200 RCI certified counselors which means that only these many counselors are formally allowed to take sessions. With growing population, the mental health issues are also increasing in India as each day passes by. However, ironically, even though the need for mental assistance is sky rocketing in this country, a strong stigma comes attached with the term mental health whenever and where ever it is mentioned.

Even after the provision of online mental health assistance within the pandemic, online courses and online programmes, people are still hesitant towards enrolling themselves for these services. What majorly needs to be done is that people need to broaden their horizons and need to understand the necessity of mental healing and mental support. The world needs to realize that the world ‘health’ does not just mean being away from disease but also to have wellbeing, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Whenever people are hurt physically or have any kind of physical disease, they immediately rush to hospitals, clinics and are ready to take multiple medicines but at the same time, even if people feel mentally or emotionally diseased, they wait for it to pass by on its own and undermine they’re own problem by thinking that its nothing serious.

In today's world and in today’s fast paced life, people get so deeply involved and caught up in their professional life and in earning money, that people forget about how they are emotionally and mentally. Everyone is running behind materialistic success but forget that materialistic success doesn’t count for anything if one does not achieve happiness emotionally and mentally. Mental stability and happiness are extremely important for a person to even stay interested and involved with whatever they are doing.

The root cause for why a person works hard towards earning soundly is also at the end of the day for mental wellbeing. Everybody wants to be in a state where they don’t have to stress much about how much they are spending or what they have to save. Just about 1/10th of the world’s population today is able to obtain mental help and there are mainly two reasons for that.

One is that the number of people who are certified to provide mental help professionally is extremely low in comparison to the people who seek mental help. The second reason is that people who seek help, have a stereotype that all organizations or professionals that provide mental support are expensive.

Counsel India has a solution for you in regard to both of these problems. Our platform has various psychological counselors, trainers and professionals. We have various psychology related courses and psychology internships for people of any age group. In these courses, content regarding counseling skills, therapies, history taking, disorders and a lot more is taught.

All of these are online psychology courses and online psychology internship programmes. We also offer cost effective mental health counseling online services. Counsel India's vision is that every household should have at least one person who hold counseling skills because in current and coming times, this is the need of the hour!
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