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How to study effectively for your psychology exam?

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

Psychology is a very vast and dynamic subject that encompasses numerous topics to be covered by the students. Let alone studying for any specialization, even an introductory psychology course can involve studying a wide range of topics. Perhaps this is the reason why students often feel very stressed and anxious before their psychology exams.

With so much material to cover it is natural to feel overstretched about exams, especially your psychology exam. Be it any subject, the ultimate goal is to score well on your tests. Therefore, by starting soon and pooling your time and resources you will be able to beat the exam stress.

While stress is one aspect of the exam, it is also important to employ certain guiding forces that can help you navigate through the process of preparing for your exam. It will also largely depend on your capabilities and calibre to grasp things. One of you might have a photogenic memory or auditory memory, the capabilities and the effort you put in will determine the fate of your exams. Identify your flaws and be ready to work on your shortcomings.

We all get the same amount of type to prepare but some score better than the others. Well by following a few simple strategies and tips you can be sure to give your best on the test day.

Let us look at a few important tips to help you effectively study for your psychology exam:

  1. The early bird catches the worm: As the saying goes it is always better to start studying early to have that edge over others. Make sure to formulate a regular study schedule from the very first day of your classes. Even if you revise or go through what had been taught in class, you will be prepared to dig deeper into the topic when the time comes. Starting early will also help you realise your strengths, shortcomings, and the subject you are dealing with. You will notice the areas you need to focus on and the ones that can be left for later. This is a crucial stage in your preparation and will help you divide your time and efforts as per the topic and your familiarity with it.
  1. Active listening and participation in class: A classroom is a great place to learn and exchange ideas. However, we do sometimes feel the classroom lectures to be overbearing and monotonous. Instead of dreading the idea of going to classes, start participating in them and become an active listener in your psychology lectures and discussions. It is said that things that you heard are retained in your memory better than things that you read. In that case, it is important to be an active member in class so as to grasp all the information floating around in the classroom.Make short notes and take down the questions you would want to ask your professor, this way there will be no unsolved doubts in your mind while preparing each topic. Also being attentive in class can be helpful as there is a strong probability the teachers will extract questions for the exam from the material taught in class.
  1. Study Alone then Study in groups: Study groups have been an integral part of our education as it provides a growth-inducive platform to challenge yourself in different ways. Studying in small groups will let you go through important concepts in detail and discuss theories that you have been taught in class. Even though there are many perks to studying in a group you must ensure your efforts are not counter-productive. Start by studying alone for a while, once you have gone through the material to your satisfaction, participate in study groups to better understand the material. Solely relying on such groups can be detrimental to your growth and inculcate a habit of dependency on your friends and peers. Don’t hesitate to change your study group if you’re unable to connect with the members. An alternative to this could also be special classes hosted by teachers and instructors to gain peer exposure and get your doubts cleared.
  1. Real-world examples: The thing about psychology is that it is the study of the human mind therefore what you are studying is actually something that you must have experienced or heard about before. Considering real-life examples can be easy to remember and also increase your understanding of the concept. Take illustrations and instances from your own life or from the lives of people you know. Say, for instance, you are reviewing the personality types, you can try and connect with people who relate closely to each type and use it in your exam. This is a great way to study psychology making it fun and practical at the same time.
  1. Multiple ways to memorize: There is no one right way to memorize or review your study material. Different techniques are used by students to retain the material by using unique means of recollection and retrieval. Using mnemonic devices, flashcards, mock tests, and peer discussions will help you sustain the knowledge gained by your preparation. Researchers also believe that sleep can help improve and memorize things that you have studied right before you went to bed. Hence, make sure to take breaks and pauses while studying so that your brain has time to process the information and store it from where it can be retrieved easily.
  1. Tough topics first: When you begin to study and you’re not that motivated you easily fall prey to selecting the easiest topic to start with. While this decision may make you feel better about studying but in the long run, you will be left with tough topics at the last minute adding to your misery. Thus, it is wise to start preparing the difficult material while your mind is fresh to fully absorb its material. And if it is a really tough topic, you will have enough time to cover it and then be left with material that you are familiar with. Make sure to give yourself breaks from study sessions and do not hesitate to approach your teachers or professors if you are stuck.
  1. Consistency: Exams can be tough and psychology can be a challenging subject to tackle. Having seen psychology exam tips, the only common thing in preparing for any sort of exam is consistency and the hours of study you put in each day. Yes, the studying strategies discussed are useful and can be life-changing if implemented religiously. That’s where consistency comes in and it is up to you to keep falling back to your study material and not let your memory fade away by distraction. Make sure that you are done with the intensive study session two days before your final exam. This way you will have time to process the information in your head and have a clear head space while giving the exam.

Last-minute tips

Who can forget the last-minute revision of important topics by your best friend minutes before the exam starts?

Although cramming is not encouraged but if you do end up studying at the eleventh hour, it is important to be smart about it. At this stage, work with the material you are already familiar with, make a quick outline of topics you know, and don’t waste too much time on each topic. Hopefully, you have the class notes because much of your exam will be based on that. Just because you don’t have enough time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest. Only by getting enough sleep can you assure any recollection of the material the next day.

Some positive vibes from CounselIndia!

An active study plan is very important when it comes to psychology. The subject is theory and practical based which requires conceptual clarity and deep understanding. Your exams are a reflection of your academic knowledge and so it becomes vital to do well in them. Plan in advance and keep track of what is going on in class, you will be just fine. And for the ones you are already organised and studious, keep going and continue to maintain consistency in studying.

If you have any burning questions on psychology or careers in psychology, CounselIndia can be your guiding light. At CounselIndia, we have practical based psychology courses that are fun and unique, unlike any other course. Drop your query at info@counselindia.com to know more.


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