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Highest paying jobs in psychology: A booming field awaits!

Highest paying jobs in psychology: A booming field awaits!

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

- Vince Lombardi

Undoubtedly, success in your life is determined by the hard work and efforts put in by you to achieve it. There is just no other way around it! Like every other thriving field today, psychology has taken a tremendous leap toward becoming one of the leading career paths leading to success. As opposed to the national sense of the subject that existed before, today we are able to look at psychology with widened eyes and a changed mindset.

We have all at least once thought about why we feel certain things or how to get over an emotionally crippling feeling. Psychology is that subject that deals with explaining the ‘every days’ and the ups and downs of our life. The fondness of the subject is also due to its investigative and scientific tendencies that attempt to solve the mysteries of the human mind.

Naturally, with its progress, the opportunities in psychology have also up swinging. If psychology is your calling or you are a psychology student looking to earn big bucks, then keep reading to unlock the ultimate list of highest-paying careers in psychology!

Highest paying jobs in psychology: Complete list with requirements

This compelling field has a lot to offer and we are here to look at some of the highest paying jobs in psychology and how much they pay. The figures given below are based on professional reports and secondary research, therefore, approximate and the actual figures may vary.

1. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a medical physician who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, study, and prevention of mental, emotional, and addictive disorders. With the medical and psychological background they possess, psychiatrists can diagnose patients, prescribe medicines and conduct suitable treatments for serious mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

You go to a psychiatrist after going through other structures of support until the situation can only be handled by a medical professional, someone who can prescribe medicines that other types of psychologists cannot do. They can assess both mental and psychical aspects of psychological problems. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in psychology.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, MMBS and preferably MD (Psychiatry) or Diploma (Psychiatry medicine)

Average salary per annum: 9-15 lakh subject to experience.

2. Neuropsychologist

This field of psychology studies the relationship between the physical brain and the behaviors of human beings. Neuropsychologists mainly focus on how the dysfunctions in the brain can affect behavior and cognitive functions. Using these neurological findings, doctors and scientists can help treat and prevent disorders. Being a specialized field, it has great demand, so fruitful in terms of money as well.

As neuropsychologists, you can work with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research centers and government organizations.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, M.Phil. (Neuropsychology), and preferably PHD (Neuropsychology).

Average salary per annum: 4-6 lakh subject to experience and practice.

3.Organisational Psychologist

Have you sometimes felt the need to vent out about stress related to work or the pressure you are going through? Have you ever been in difficult situations at work but unable to do anything about it?

An organisational psychologist is the person who is called to handle such situations. They ensure the emotional well-being of the workforce, effective communication between co-workers and aim to strike a balance between the potentials of the workers and the company. Organisational Psychologists are hired to observe growth barriers, conduct training programs, improve the quality of work-life and research consumer behaviour and market trends. It is a booming field with endless opportunities and if you get hired by a big company, your salary will also have a visible upward trajectory.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (organisational psychologist)

Average salary per annum: 4-7 lakhs subject to experience and employer.

4.Psychology Teacher

Psychology teachers are educators and act as mentors for many aspiring psychologists. This is an academic-oriented field, however, also one of the noblest jobs of all. They deal with making students understand behaviour, emotions and other general aspects of psychology.

If you love to teach and water the seeds of young minds, this is a very rewarding profession, even financially. However, with more specialisation and a Ph. D., you can also become a professor at colleges that can provide handsome pay.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree + bachelor of education, Ph. D. for professors.

Average salary per annum: 6-10 lakhs subject to school and experience.

5.School Counselors

School is a very dynamic environment for a kid and there is a serious dearth of attention given to school counselors. Not until a few years, school counselors were very few and grossly underpaid. The importance is now released among the masses that a counselor can bridge the gap between the school and the student.

They work with parents, educators and the school administrations to offer an enriching, safe and supporting environment to the students. While some schools invest a lot others do not give much weight to school counselors. Thus, choosing the right opportunity that suits your area of interest is essential.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree preferably specialisation in school psychology and a PG Diploma in guidance and counseling.

Average salary per annum: 3-4 lakhs.

6.Clinical Psychologists

Much like a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist is a mental health professional with specialised training in the diagnosis and psychological treatment of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders and eating disorders.

They conduct interviews and psychological tests and combine their findings to curate an individualistic treatment approach for their clients. Clinical psychology is a popular career choice among students owing to its involvement in abnormal and behavioural psychology.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree + M. Phil. In Clinical Psychology.

Average salary per annum: 4-6 lakhs.

7. Counseling Psychologists

Typically, a counseling psychologist works to reduce mental distress and enhance the psychological well-being of individuals and groups. They help people develop an insight into their problems and treat them through self-reflection and introspection.

Unlike clinical psychologists, a counseling psychologist will sit face-to-face and listen to your problems. People prefer to specialise in areas of concern like relationships, breakups, marriage and career, just to name a few.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (counseling psychology)

Average salary per annum: 3.5-5 lakhs.

8.Forensic Psychologists

If you have just binged ‘Mind Hunters’ or edgy crime thrillers, you probably know what this field would entail. Forensic psychologists indulge in human behaviour, criminology and criminal justice. Often there is serious overlapping between forensic and criminal psychologists and is used interchangeably due to its embryonic stage of growth in India.

Forensic psychologists work with correctional institutions, rehabilitations centres hospitals, law enforcement and research institutions to facilitate mental aid to wrongdoers and criminals.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (forensic psychology) + M.Phil. /PG Diploma/ Certificate Course in psychology.

Average salary per annum: 3.5-4.5 lakhs subject to qualifications and experience.

9.Sports Psychologists

Sports psychology is a riveting field that combines the study of sports performance and mental health. It is very important to have a fine understanding of the sport before becoming a sports psychologist. This field uses psychological findings to evaluate the performance and potential of athletes and further thier development in participation and growth in the sports arena.

A sports psychologist will help their clients refocus, visualise, set realistic goals, improve their motivation, team-building abilities and overcome problems like anxiety. As an upcoming field in India, there is a demand for more sports psychologists and if your interests dangle between mental health and sports, this is the vocation for you! And with the right player or institution, you can get lucrative pay for your expertise.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (forensic psychology) + M.Phil. /PG Diploma/ Certificate Course in psychology.

Average salary per annum: 2.5-6 lakhs subject to sports personalities.

10.Child Psychologists

A child psychologist will work directly with children who face problems while growing up and also work with parents to aid the development of the child in distress. This field studies the conscious and subconscious development of a child through various stages of childhood, from prenatal to adolescence.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (preferably child psychology) + M.Phil. / / Certificate Course in child psychology.

Average salary per annum: 3.5-4.5 lakhs.

11. Educational Psychologists

Educational psychologists are different from school counselors and child psychologists as they mostly deal with the educational part of the child’s life at school.

An educational psychologist primarily looks at the student, the teacher, the learning experience, the process and the environment of learning and suggests the best teaching method for the educational programs.

Educational Requirements: 10+2, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (applied or educational psychology).

Average salary per annum: 3-6.5 lakhs subject to the institution and experience.

Is psychology your calling?

Now that we know the numerous opportunities waiting for you, it is time to follow your passion for psychology even if you are currently not in the field. There are plenty of ways to make a career in one of the highest-paying jobs in psychology.

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