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Who Can Join?

Who Can Join?

  • All Manager
  • Students / Professionals
  • All Professionals
  • Entrepreneur
  • HOD's/Team Leaders
  • Psychology Aspirants
  • Coordinators
  • Health / Wellness Experts


3 Important Topics of Counselling

1 unique Therapy

1 Self Branding Session

1 Important Disorder

Lifetime Duration

Soft Copy Certificate and Study Material

Farewell Test

Participate as Mental Health Ambassador

Licensed Trainers Only

Why Courses in Counsel India are Different?

Counsel India is India's fastest growing Counselors and Psychologists network. It's a first-ever organization that aims to simplify counseling and bring counseling to every home across the globe. Counsel India focuses on Simplicity, Creativity, Innovation and Technology to change the way counseling services are offered and taken. It is also working hard to give counselors and psychologists a stage they deserve and glamorize its outlook and image worldwide.

Depression Counseling

Treatment of depression

Psychodynamic therapy

Interpersonal therapy

Group therapy

Counseling and therapy can help person defeat therapy

Meaning and Definition

General sign and symptoms

Diagnostic criteria according to ICD 10

Main causes of depression

Career Counseling

What is Career Counseling

Career Counseling Process

Trait-and-Factor Theory

Psychodynamic Theory

Developmental Theory

Behavioural Theory

Objectives of Career Counseling

Handling Conflicts In Career Counseling

Mid-Life Crisis

Qualities of an effective career counselor

Steps of career counseling

Final Decision Making

Commitment & Follow-Up

Relationship Counseling

What is a relationship?

Types of relationships in our life

Importance of relationships

Romantic relationships/ partners

Family units


Workplace relations

Elements of a Good and Positive Relationship

Relationship Management

Mindfulness - its importance

Mindfulness - Based Relationship Enhancement

Components of MBRE

MBRE techniques

Mindfulness in other relationships

Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

Areas where Music Therapy is used

Process of Music Therapy,

Biological effects of music

Psychological effects of music

Music Therapy as Mind-Body Medicine

Anxiety Disorder

What is anxiety


Hypertension / BP

Basic differences btw fear and panic and anxiety

Classification of Anxiety Disorder

Panic Attacks

Agro phobia

Generalized anxiety disorder

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