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• Psychology is not a subject it is a way of life.
• Counseling is not an advice it is a way to love.
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About Us

Who We Are

Counsel India is India's fastest growing Counselors and Psychologists network. It’s a first-ever organization that aims to simplify counseling and bring counseling to every home across the globe.

Counsel India focuses on Simplicity, Creativity, Innovation and Technology to change the way counseling services are offered and taken. Counsel India works hard every day to give counselors and psychologists a stage they deserve and glamorize its outlook and image worldwide.

Startup India Certificate

Our organization is a leading name in the field of providing Practical Psychology training in India. We have been ranked among the top psychological organizations in the country. And we are proud to produce 50,000+ primary counsellors from all over the world.

Counselling is not a lucrative profession for most of the counsellors. So many times, they have to make a choice between their career and the financial security of their family. In order to create more counselling professionals, we at Counsel India offer simplified courses that help counsellors in India to achieve a good living while doing what they love (serving people) and run their own setup by increasing their client base!

We are the only Start-up India recognized organization by government to give training in practical psy all over the globe. Many universities and colleges of India consult us for best counselling results with importance of practical skills of upcoming counsellors.

Career Benefits For You

Working with Counsel India has been a dream come true for younger generation. It offers a lot of benefits apart from the regular benefits that any organization provides. Counsel India'a rich culture filled with high intellectuals, creative minds and hard working team members attracts a lot of brilliant minds to bring a change in this world.

Celebrate : Employee-first Policy

Earn: Perks and incentives

Influence : Mental health awareness

Work With: Psychologists and counselors

Lead: Lead with example not by force

Our Team

People & Teams

Counsel India team is a group of people who are passionate about psychology and serious about growth in life. As one of the Indian’s fastest growing network of Counsellors and Psychologist, Counsel India Team is serving people from 15+ countries across the Globe. Today our team consists of 50+ Psychologist, 2200+ Interns, 1500+ Mental Health Ambassadors and thousands of Influencers supporting Counsel India to bring a change in the world. In addition to our unique working environment and hardworking culture our team is working 24 by 7 to give best services and keep our learners happy and satisfied.

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Counseling Master Class Feedback by Neha Banwani

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For India


Counsel India offers free counseling services to our Armed forces, Sports Talent and NGOs to make India EMOTIONALLY STRONG. This program also considers our government employees in all sectors and offers them flat 50% Discount on our Basic Courses and Primary Services.

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