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"We at Counsel India, believe that words alone are not the soul medium of exchange in teaching and learning. Education can be imparted and gained in quietness as well. We believe that knowledge is always better than sheer ignorance, knowledge should be complete as half knowledge is dangerous. Furthermore, the belief that information will change our world is incorrect, it won’t. This is where Counsel India plays a significant role as we don’t believe in making you informative but to actually transform the way you think, live and act. Our emphasis is to find the right question and not the right answer. We train your mind to become happier, more productive and more content. Counsel India believes that there is always a scope of improvement but the biggest mistake we make is the belief that what we are thinking is right. Over 95% of our life is lead as an automated pilot i.e. tunnel vision, which confuses people about their own performance. Productivity in any field is not about for how long you do a thing without boredom or tiredness? It’s related to how you perform the things and the energy level you are able to put in the task. This course is all about making you superior than your body and mind. About making you realize that you are the creator and not your thoughts or your body. To leave you in state of complete freedom, new levels of happiness and fulfilment in all areas of your life. "


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