13 Apr 2017

WHAT A JOKE 2.5/5 (1)

Life is all about three D’s – Dedication, Devotion and Discipline. Understanding these words properly change one’s life in to success, if not to failure.As I experienced “We are not born with money, nor do we take money with us in the end, only the glory of a good name remains forever”.  Jacky was born to a mother who was forced to leave him in a dustbin near a temple, almost immediately after his birth because she had to struggle even for her daily bread. A kindhearted and simple man took the child to his home. Though he was not rich enough and had no family, he started bringing him up with love and affection.  Though he had to struggle a lot, the father  found ways to send him to school and give his child a descent education. He wanted his child to be an IAS officer.  But the child had another dream; he wanted to go abroad and to be a doctor.  This difference in views sometimes led to some argument between them. However, they never even lasted for a few minutes. Father would in the end compromise with the words “Let your dream come true, if you are happy I am happy too”

Once during his college days he was caught by the railway police for helping one of his friends who was ticketless.  He was taken to a jail for interrogation and had to spend a few hours in the cell. There he met another young man of   about 26 years of age. He seems to belong to the high society. As they talked, Jacky realized that the young man  was there being accused in a rape case and for drunk and drive. He was remorseless and felt confident that he would  be out in an hour or so because his father was an IAS officer.

This experience made him to think, ‘Power and position is even above money’. Corrupt officials can come down to any level and protect their relatives from the clutches of the law even if they are notorious criminals. This should not be allowed. As he thought, he began to change his mind he remembered his father’s words and decided “I would be an IAS officer as my father dreams”. He started walking to his father with determined steps. As he met his father at the rikshaw stand, he told baba I would be an IAS officer as you suggest. He narrated the whole incident. The father was overwhelmed and hugged his son. Eyes of  both the father and the son were filled with tears of  joy. They celebrated the happy occasion with some tea and vada pao.  Jacky never looked back, he worked with all earnestness and was tireless till he achieved his goal and became an IAS officer, though it took more than half a decade to achieve his goal.  Family and wealth are not at all important in front of determination and effort. Even the poor and helpless can reach to great heights. The story of this child who even doesn’t know his real father and mother tells us this Truth.


“Pese pese ko mohtazz hai ye duniya, kabhi idhar jaye kabhi udhar jaye,

Kya hota hai itney pese ka, na sath lejaye na agley janam me kaam aaye”.


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