13 Apr 2017


“Get out of my Class”, how dare you enter in class without completing your Homework?      That student was standing with his head down and showing his anger by his gestures. Suddenly his teacher shouts again “If you can’t pass in my subject you can’t go in next class and you will spoil your life”. Keep one thing in your mind; ‘a day will come when you will be a poor seller, selling ladyfingers in all streets.’

That boy was full of ego, just after hearing this he ran out of class without asking permission of that teacher. I as a writer think “It was his right decision to go out  of class”.  that teacher talk to me like this, I pay him then only his family eats. He is a bloody criminal. Surviving on money given by me and that to telling on me. But somehow those words touched that arrogant boy’s heart and after 3 years he came back to school. He was looking for that teacher, because of whom he  came back to school.

Then some magic happens. That teacher was coming alone after completing his class and suddenly he found one gentleman standing in front of him having stars on his shoulders in Officers uniform. In few seconds that officer goes and touched the feet of that Guru and said “Thank you for that day when you yelled on me” and the moment officer starts crying.   My dear friends ‘teachers don’t earn they only give’. Teachers stay on that same place and it’s the student who moves on and achieve their aims by earning money and name.   The only success for teacher is “His student success”.  So always remember whenever any teacher scolds you that were never to hurt you, but just to show you right path.

After some time one shocking news came “While  fighting with terrorist one officer died in Srinagar”.  You know who that was “That arrogant student  converted into a brave officer”.   This was the time when hearing this news that teacher started crying although he was not his own  son.   Life is all about turning points; search for some teacher who could show you  “YOUR PATH”.    The last word of that officer is “While saluting his national flag he says Thanks Mom, Dad and my dear Guru for giving me this opportunity to die for my country”.


 “ Wakt badalta hai rishtey nahi, Insaan badalta hai fidrat nahi,

                 samjho ehmiyat apno ke, kyuke zindagi badalti hai GURU nahi”.

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