Momento is video profiling services offered to people who are related with psychology, counselling, social impact, change making surviving, life coaching and mentoring.
Share the lessons you learned, honor you achieved, journey you covered, moments you loved, career you made, impact you left and simplicity you kept.

Choose your profiling type and know about features.
Most interesting Profiling options you have –
 Standard Momento
 Special Momento
 Premium Momento
 Cinematic Momento

How has your education journey been so far?
What set of skills you have developed over the time?
What is your philosophy of life?
Get chance to be hosted by our young program managers who have innovative ways to make your video profiling look as real as you wanted them to be.

You must have experienced that People know what you say, and People see what you show. But it’s
difficult to show people who you are in the moment when they want – because you have so much to
tell, so much to show. You don’t know where to start – how to continue and how to finish. Even if you
are done telling you immediately start thinking what you missed, how you should have told. Well, it is
not just your story. It’s a story of everyone who have achieved so much in life but maintain a low
profile and sometimes they wanna tell who they are and do as well, but they don’t wanna keep telling
them – they wish they had something ready made to forward.
After knowing this feeling from many people around all walks of life – Counsel India has started
profiling services for people related to counselling, psychology, life coaching, teaching, training,
mentoring, survivors with storytelling.
See, what we are offering and how this one-time effort can help you collect and show every piece of
you that you wanted to tell the world.
Our young program managers have innovative ways to make your video profiling look as real as you
wanted them to be.
Speak with one of our profiling managers and see yourself if this is what you ever wanted.