13 Apr 2017


Life is something which cannot be compared with the amount of money one has. Even some people who are millionaires and billionaires are unhappy with their lives. Satisfaction and happiness depends on the way we live our day to day lives which has no relation with money.Everyone is running behind money and money is always a 100 miles away from you.

Both a millionaire as well as a poor man may not be happy. Ever wondered, why? Deepak an entrepreneur is a vision maker and a successful boss. He has a wife named Tamanna and two kids Rahul and Shanti. He works hard not only to keep his employees happy but also to make money. However, at the same time he feels that he is the unhappiest and the most stressed person on this planet. Friends, do you know why? It’s really shocking when one thinks of, a millionaire who has every possible facility in his life, being unhappy. A big question why?

One day early in the morning, Deepak was sitting in a park. He saw a lower middle class family walking together in the park and enjoying to the fullest. He thought about his day, his week and his month. He realized that every day he is after money but there is no one besides him whom he can call as a friend or a family in the real sense. He looked at the beggars sitting outside the temple, next to that park and started talking to them. After a long conversation he realized that no spiritual guru or a psychologist had been able to change his mind-set till date as these beggars had for they told him really amazing facts regarding life.

Money can get him all the luxuries and comforts but it cannot buy relations and real friends to live a life full of joy. So, he thought that if even after having a lot of money he doesn’t have time for his family then what use does this money has. In retrospect, he mulled about the time when he started business, and reached to a conclusion that he actually started it because he wanted to keep his family happy and fulfil their needs. The main thing is happiness and satisfaction in a relationship which can only be developed when one gives time to your friends or family.

As realisation dawned, he went home almost two hours prior than the usual time he would return from office. His children were awake, and he took them out for dinner followed by an ice-cream. Friends can you imagine his children’s reaction. Tears welled in their eyes. Our family has an important role in our lives and it is important to spend quality time with the family.

           “ Pal do pal ki zindgi hai, kya paise ke pechey bhaagna,

              Ek pal paisa chodkr khushiya baato, har subha khushi say jaagna”

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