13 Apr 2017

Beggar with Pizza 2.5/5 (1)

Roti, Kapda, Makan are the basic needs for all but even they are faraway dreams for many.  A combination of hard work and a bit of luck are important to have a comfortable and contended life. Money and luxury need not bring satisfaction and peace of mind in life. People with no money may find satisfied whereas many people with money are totally dissatisfied and desperate.

Think about a person who is rich and have access to food but do not value them and waste them complaining about their qualities, On the other hand think about a beggar who gets a few pieces of bread to survive. All of us think we are human beings, but are we really?

Think about children of millionaires who  only want pizza and burger no matter how their health is affected by that and same time think about poor children who don’t get food even once a day and struggling  to survive. Recently I saw a beggar sitting  under a tree trying to save his food from rain. After a moment’s thought I walked   up to him and said, “May I help you?” He responded immediately, “Can you please give me a plastic bag?” “I want to save this food from getting wet;  it is my ration for next three days.” I was shocked after listening this.  I felt it was my duty to help him.  I kicked my bike towards a nearby shop. “Ration for three days”!  The words kept on ringing in my ears. Soon I was back with plastic bag.

As I handed over it to him, I asked “where did you get this?”  He responded casually, “from waste bins here and there near the hotels”.  My eyes were filled with tears as he continued his tale. His wife and his son were killed in an accident and his daughter committed suicide after being raped by a rich landlord he was left with none and all alone. He decided to donate all his properties to an NGO, running orphanage for poor children.   I returned to my bike, saying good bye I got onto and started off. I went on thinking, “hats off to the man” who is a victim of the Fate and struggling to drag on his life. ‘Three days old pizza for next three days’ and ‘how many such bags and for how long?’  I stopped my bike on the side of road to wipe my tears.   Always understand the value of food and even poor’s.             Help poor, serve mankind.

       “You live you’re today as you are wishing your tomorrow.”

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