13 Apr 2017


Well said lines “A step taken is half work done”. But do you actually know from where we should take this first step. There was a boy who was fired from his job just after two months of his joining, just because he doesn’t know how to bluff  his team mates and clients.  Was that really a right reason to fire someone? “Yes it was”, because now a days this is the only way by which you can earn bread and butter. His attitude was not to butter his boss as he was a straight forward person. But this boy has no disappointment; this time with more fire in his heart he took a step. He didn’t even inform his parents about such a disaster in his life, because it was his own fight. Fight for making name, fight for proving whole  world, fight for doing hard work and finally fight  for “happiness or money”.

That day while having dinner with one of his best   friend he decided to look around him with just a “Cycle and Camera”. From next day he started searching for some new job so that “at least he can send some money to his home”. But he has already taken that one step after which looking back is same as he was a coward. His first journey starts with some sadness because there was shortage of money but suddenly after looking at the people sitting on footpaths and railway stations he realized that his life is much more better than those to achieve his dreams.  This boy has no such dream to see entire world but has a small dream of looking into his own country so that everyone could remember his cycle. Dreams don’t fulfill by just thinking they need sacrifice and pain.

“Asaan nahee koi manzil, dard ka ehsas sabko hota hai,

Kaamyabi ki khushi vahee manata h, jisme mazbuut jigar hota h.”


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